BLK Tuned - Red Planet

By blk kendama


Introducing the all new BLK TUNED Kendama. It features our all new ken, designed from the ground up to be the quickest, fastest kendama you've ever played. Deeper cups, a balance hole, and svelte ken, all combine to enable the ken to spin faster, with less force. This makes things like triple whirlwinds, or late double ken flips, that much easier because you have to exert less force to turn the ken.

The Groove string hole make pulling up lighthouses and multi-turn airplanes so much more intuitive than a standard string placement. It's doesn't require you to change your fundamental ken motions to play, it just makes certain tricks easier. The tama has a special bevel designed to improve your stall tricks by being perfectly matched to the bird area of the cups, handle, and ring.

All BLK TUNED Kendamas are strung up with the all new Dama Mods Spinner, a $7.99 component that replaces your bead, helping your tama spin while playing, so your string doesn't get all twisted up. This allows you to lace longer lines without worrying about your string getting in the way.

The Red Planet features a rich Saepel Wood Tama, a Beechwood Ken, and are strung up on Dama Mods Precision Silk string. The paint is our all new gloss clear, which is tackier than our natty or stain. Most BLK TUNED Kens are between 63-70 grams, and all are 5 grams or less difference between the tama and ken.

Is your dama TUNED?

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